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Indian Man Caught Smuggling Gold Bars in Chocolate Wrappers

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Indian Man Caught Smuggling Gold Bars in Chocolate Wrappers


Holy Willy Wonka, Batman! Indian customs officials in Mumbai were tipped off about a man smuggling gold into India from Saudi Arabia on January 5, and intercepted him before he could board a connecting flight. The man, Abdul Latif, was carrying a bag that contained 25 chocolate bars. After searching his luggage, officials began unwrapping the sealed chocolate, finding gold bars in seven wrappers.

The seven gold bars were worth Rs 25 lakh (2,500,000 rupees, over $46,500 USD.) Latif said he was paid to fly to Riyadh to pick up the bag, then fly to Mangalore and travel to Kasargod in southwest India and deliver the bag to an unknown man.

Indian officials say that smuggling gold from the Middle East into India is commonplace, as prices are low enough there to make it profitable to fly over and back to India.

(information for this story from the Times of India)

Just a note: While we may not have gold bars in candy wrappers here at Gainesville Coins, we do have authentic Valcambi gold CombiBars that look like candy bars!



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