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Jose Canseco Calls $1500 Gold

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Jose Canseco Calls $1500 Gold

Four-time Silver Slugger winner Jose Canseco shows that he knows a thing or two about gold as well. The two-time World Series champ expounded on his financial views recently on Twitter, mockingĀ  Japanese bond yields after the Bank of Japan implemented negative interest rates "Bank of Japan should call them Willie Wonka bonds YOU GET NOTHING YOU LOSE!"

But he shows that he's been paying attention to what's happening in the financial markets when he notes that the "psychology for the gold index growing" includes "euro bank mess. NIRP. falling oil, tanking stock markets, Yellen's slowdown hints."


He even notes that with negative interest rates, "gold minus storage cost becoming greater than cash returns" and predicts a long rally. Noting that it's "not a surprise but everyone should be in gold," he steps to the plate and calls the shot: "$1500+ by Memorial Day"

Here's hoping that gold prices take off like one of Jose's upper deck home runs!


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