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Lowest Price on the Market for 2013 Fiji Silver Taku at Gainesville Coins

blog | Published On 6/11/2013 2:52:57 PM by Gainesville Coins

2013 1oz Fiji Taku

You don't have to buy a monster box to get the best price on the 2013 Fiji Taku silver 1 oz coin. Even if you *did* buy a monster box from the "other guys," you couldn't beat the price at Gainesville Coins!

This year's 1 oz Fiji Silver Taku has seen heightened interest, as this is the first time the obverse has featured the national arms of Fiji, instead of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Since its introduction in 2010, the silver Taku coin has taken the silver community by storm with its distinctive rendition of the hawksbill turtle (taku in Fijiian). This year's coin makes a refreshing break for those bored with the image of Queen Elizabeth on all U.K. and Commonwealth bullion coins.

The 2013 Fiji Silver Taku is in stock and ready for delivery right now! Unlike other distributors, Gainesville Coins doesn't mark items "in stock and ready for delivery" unless we really have them in stock. Buy with confidence at Gainesville Coins!

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