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New Dollar Coin Series Begins in 2017

Everett Millman
By Everett Millman
Published October 01, 2016
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Beginning next year, the current Presidential Dollar Coin designs, which have run for the past decade, will be replaced by a new theme: American innovation.

End of the Presidential Coins

The current line of Presidential one-dollar coins has been running as a continuous series of circulating designs since 2007. (The same design style of these coins featuring each president's spouse also grace a companion series of First Spouse 24-karat pure gold bullion coins issued by the U.S. Mint, which were likewise released four per year in chronological order of their respective administrations.) Just as this series comes to an end, the new innovators designs will take their place.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan usher out the Presidential $1 and First Spouse Gold coin programs. © US Mint

The series is slated to last for the next 14 years, following a similar pattern to the popular 50 State Quarters and current America the Beautiful quarters series by representing examples of American innovation—inventions, scientists, technologies—from each of the 50 states. The coins will be released in batches of four (or, on occasion, five) per year in alphabetical early, beginning with Alabama.

Legislation That Will Actually Pass!

The other U.S. dollar coin series, the Native American Dollars that have been minted with the earlier Sacagawea coin obverse and regularly updated reverse designs since 2009, will continue to be issued parallel to the new coins. Legislation authorizing the new dollar coins was introduced into Congress about two weeks ago.

© US Mint

The bill will now be referred to the House Committee on Financial Services. It is uncontroversial and is receiving strong bipartisan backing. Oddly enough, the language in the new coinage bill includes one provisional clause about what measures to take in the event that a state secedes from the Union before the program ends in 2020, however unlikely that event may be!

The U.S. Mint now consistently offers so many exciting legal tender coin series that have caught on with collectors for their inspirational, artistic, meaningful, and patriotic designs. Not only does this artistic infusion augment a bullion coin or our circulating quarter-dollar and dollar coins, but it also creates an historical record of the country's shared American cultural heritage and values.


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