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PCGS Introduces More Security Measures For Certified Coins

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PCGS Introduces More Security Measures For Certified Coins


PCGS announced this weekend at the 2014 FUN Show that they are implementing new security measures to coins that they certify, including a 3-D hologram on the label.  "This is a big step forward to stay more than a step ahead of counterfeiters around the world and to aggressively provide additional safety and security for collectors and dealers. This will give additional confidence for buyers and sellers of PCGS-certified coins," said Don Willis, President of PCGS.

The new hologram, developed by a division of DuPont, displays dots on the "exposed" side of the 3-D block on the hologram, no matter which angle the slab is viewed from.

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As well as the new label, PCGS is also introducing a new clear acrylic scratch-resistant slab, with new safeguards. PCGS told reporters that the new hologram label and new slab have covert security measures that they would not elaborate on, to deter counterfeiters.

The new holders will be introduced at the PCGS booth at the Long Beach Expo, January 30-February 1st. Owners of coins previously slabbed by PCGS can pay a mere $5 per coin for re-slabbing in the new holders.

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