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Perth Mint Squelches Square Lunar Horse Coin Rumor

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Perth Mint Squelches Square Lunar Horse Coin Rumor

The Perth Mint has officially denied rumors that the 2014 Lunar Series coins featuring the Year of the Horse will be made with square planchets.

Ron Currie of the Perth Mint that the Lunar series switching from round to square coins halfway through Series 2 "could not be further from the truth."

He does, however, supply a possible reason the rumors started.

"While gossip about the traditional Australian Lunar coin going square is nonsense, I can exclusively reveal that we are developing a completely separate coloured series of square-shaped horse coins for distribution in China. Should it go ahead, a small allocation of these coins would also be made available in Australia.  "

Sounds like we Yanks may be in the cold on this one.

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