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Plane Reportedly Loses Multi-Ton Cargo of Gold, Precious Metals in Siberia

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Plane Reportedly Loses Multi-Ton Cargo of Gold, Precious Metals in Siberia

A surreal story involving precious metals leaked out of Russia late this week.

It hasn't gotten as much attention in the West as you might expect yet. However, as far as we can tell, this strange tale genuinely happened!

Is It Raining Precious Metals?

In the Siberian city of Yakutsk, the capital of the region, a cargo plane experienced some serious technical difficulties.

A faulty hull door apparently broke open, and the plane's contents began pouring out upon takeoff.

Gold, platinum, diamonds, and other valuable cargo quickly scattered across the runway. Some of the plane's contents rained down upon other parts of Yakutia as far as 25 kilometers from the airport.

In total, the contents of the plane are estimated to be worth about $368 million (21 billion rubles)!

The plane made a successful emergency landing, and no injuries were reported.

However, the runway had to quickly be cordoned off so that the precious metals could be gathered up. About 3.4 tons of gold bars were reportedly recovered at the scene.

Still, given that there may have been as much as 9 tons of precious metals on board, authorities are conducting an immediate investigation and search.

Russian officials promptly detained the engineers who prepared the plane for takeoff. It was supposed to be en route to Krasnoyarsk, the third-largest city in Siberia.

Images of the scattered cargo were released by the Siberian Times.

Initially, the story was only reported by alternative news sources such as Zero Hedge, Daily Mail (U.K.), and the Russian Times (RT). It is now being confirmed by the so-called "mainstream media."


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