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Preorder the "Warbird" Silver Round in Bullion or Proof at GC!

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Preorder the "Warbird" Silver Round in Bullion or Proof at GC!


Preorder the newest Silver Bullet Silver Shield "Warbird" Silver Round at Gainesville Coins!

Gainesville Coins is an official distributor of Silver Bullet Silver Shield items, and will be carrying both the bullion and proof version of the new Warbird 1 oz silver round. Bullion versions are available to preorder now, and will start shipping August 1. Proof versions will ship at a date to be determined, but you can use the "Notify Me" service on the Gainesville Coins website to be alerted by email or text when they become available.

The Warbird is the fifth installment of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series, and gives the American Silver Eagle coin an anti-establishment twist. A Predator drone replaces the Bald Eagle, and "Divide and Conquer" replaces "E Pluribus Unum". The obverse has a new design to the SBSS shield, urging the viewer to "Listen to All, Follow None." SBSS is the producer of the popular "Freedom Girl" silver round.

Like all previous offerings from SBSS, the Warbird 1 oz silver round will only be minted for a limited time! Perorder yours today and ensure you get yours!

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