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Rare 1703 Queen Anne "Vigo" Gold Coin Found in Bureau

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Rare 1703 Queen Anne "Vigo" Gold Coin Found in Bureau

The Daily Mail reports on a widow in Kent who found an extremely rare 300 year-old gold coin tucked in with her late husband's clothes while cleaning out a chest of drawers. Minted from the gold taken from a Spanish treasure ship captured by the British fleet in Vigo Bay in 1702, only 20 of these five guinea coins were minted under the direction of Master of the Mint Sir Isaac Newton, and only 15 were known to still exist prior to this discovery.

The widow had no idea that the coin had any numismatic value before taking it in to be examined, and explained that her late husband never showed any interest in collecting coins. Officials believe that he inherited the coin and squirreled it away without a thought, never mentioning it to his wife. The obverse features the profile of Queen Anne with the word "Vigo" beneath her image.  Officials at Gorringes auction house, where the coin will go under the hammer, estimate that it will sell for between £80,000 and £120,000 ($127,000 and $190,000).

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