Rare Roman Gold Ring Discovered in Somerset

Rare Roman Gold Ring Discovered in Somerset

Everett Millman
By Everett Millman
Published August 12, 2018

Whether it's from the time of Roman occupation or the medieval period, Britain is an island filled with a veritable treasure trove of historic artifacts. It's one reason why metal detecting is such a popular—and sometimes lucrative—hobby in the U.K.

Given this context, you may be surprised to find that unprecedented or unexpected discoveries are still being made there quite frequently.

Rare Signet Ring

Earlier this week, the BBC reported that an amateur metal detectorist discovered an incredible gold ring at a Romano-British ancient site. He participated as part of a group of British veterans who are metal detecting enthusiasts, in collaboration with professional archaeologists who were searching the ruins.

The signet ring is believed to date as far back as the third century C.E. It was described as "absolutely stunning" by the industry publication Ancient Origins.

signet ring

(Image above is courtesy of the BBC.)

There were also about 60 Roman bronze coins found nearby at the same site. Combined with the ring, this led researchers to hypothesize that the ruins were once the location of a high-status Roman villa.

The ring weighs 48 grams, which is rather impressive, and has a semi-precious pale blue stone placed at the center. This stone bears an image of the goddess Victory directing a chariot, which is a common motif for Greek and Roman coinage but has not been seen on many artifacts found in this area of England.

Currently, there is no indication of how much the signet ring might be worth. Given its novelty and rarity, one would expect it to attract quite a bit of attention from museums.

Britain has a remarkably extensive legacy of culture, knowledge, and physical artifacts leftover from antiquity by the island's Roman invaders. The more we find out about this history, the more exciting each of these discoveries becomes.

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