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Metals Recover on Bad 1Q GDP Revision: Morning Market Update June 25

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Metals Recover on Bad 1Q GDP Revision: Morning Market Update June 25

Metals consolidated overnight, as some players took recent profits, but were buoyed by this morning's final revision to first quarter GDP. From barely positive, to -1%, the final number is a huge -2.9% GDP for 1Q14. This is the biggest drop in GDP since the depths of the financial crisis in 2009. Personal expenditures, which constitutes a large portion of the economy, was chopped by 2/3, from 3.1% to 1%.

Metals are near unchanged in New York trading, as durable goods orders for May were reported at -1%. This was caused mainly by a drop in civilian aircraft orders and military spending. This lent support to precious metals.

The dollar was smacked down to a one-month low on the release of the GDP numbers, briefly touching 80.1 on the DXY index before struggling upwards. It is still down -0.20% this morning.


Money jumped into Treasuries after the GDP report, pulling yields down.  Stocks are mostly in the red world-wide, with Wall St. opening down, spiking up, then right back down to near unchanged.

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by Steven Cochran

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