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Ron Paul Ready To Discuss the Gold Standard

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Ron Paul Ready To Discuss the Gold Standard

From the Houston Chronicle: Read the article in its original location here.

Ron Paul schedules House hearing to push gold standard

Rep. Ron Paul is bringing his fiscal policy darling-the gold standard-to the spotlight in an upcoming congressional hearing. (AP Photo)

Texas congressman and GOP presidential nomination hopeful Ron Paul is:

(a) chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology, and

(b) an outspoken proponent of the gold standard.

Put those two interests together, and you have a subcommittee hearing scheduled for Tuesday on H.R. 1098, the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011, a bill that would allow for gold and silver to be used as currency.

In a statement, Paul said that America’s current “pure fiat currency system” is part of what’s caused the current economic crisis—which explains the need for a bill like H.R. 1098.

The bill would remove taxes from gold and silver and repeal federal legal tender laws to free up the metals for circulation, a move which, Paul said, would allow “the American people … to have a choice of currencies to protect themselves and their families from the poor decisions of government.”

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