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Russia Is Minting Donald Trump Medals

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Russia Is Minting Donald Trump Medals

For all of the hubbub over President Donald Trump's alleged connections to Russia, one Russian company is putting aside partisan politics for an objective masterpiece: gold and silver Trump medallions.

A medallic art company known as Art Grani has been producing these commemorative pieces as the nation—and much of the world—continues to take stock of the billionaire mogul that has just been inaugurated as the next president of the United States. Images and videos of the pieces (shown below) reveal impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Russian Trump coin Image courtesy of Art Grani

Though these aren't legal tender coins, it seems Art Grani took the precaution of using a "Russified" descriptor for the U.S.A., the inscription "United States of Amerika." This probably was done to avoid breaching certain laws regarding coins and collectibles.

A mere 45 of these medallions are being minted. 25 are made of silver, 5 are made of gold, and the remaining 15 are bimetallic and actually contain both precious metals. Due to their low mintage total and strong demand for Trump-related memorabilia, Art Grani is retailing the Trump medallions for a cool $10,000.

The front of the precious metal pieces shows the bust of Trump, facing right, in exquisite detail. In fact, of all the various "Trump coins" that have popped up this past 18 months, this version offers arguably the most accurate and realistic portrayal of the new president. The opposite side features the State of Liberty, while the American flag fills the background of both sides. The motto "IN TRUMP WE TRUST" adds another quaint element to the medallions.

A few years ago, Art Grani minted special medallions that depicted Russian leader Vladimir Putin.


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