Silver Coins Saved This Soldier's Life
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Silver Coins Saved This Soldier's Life

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Silver Coins Saved This Soldier's Life

It's not often you hear that coins saved someone's life.

Even if you did, it would probably be meant in the simplest sense—paying someone—and it would be an exaggeration.

This is not one of those stories.

World War I Veteran

Earlier this week, a user on Reddit started a thread about his great-grandfather's service in the First World War. He fought for Belgium, serving on the side of the Allies.

At one point during a battle in Lebbeke (a town in Belgium), the soldier was kicked in the face and shot in the chest by a German combatant. He was left for dead. Or so his opponent thought.

Image courtesy of United States Mint

Miraculously, his life was spared because of a stack of silver coins in his breast pocket.

Bizarre But True

The coins in his pocket numbered six: three were Belgian and three were French. They were all roughly the same size and made of silver.

Had the stack of coins been any smaller, it may not have been enough to absorb the blow and stop the bullet. Images made available to the BBC show how the projectile clearly warped the coins upon impact.

Ironically, however, it was the sound of the coins clanging around in his pocket that initially gave away this soldier's position to the enemy in the first place.

It seems a fitting story to share just a week after the 100th anniversary of the armistice that brought WWI to an end at 11:11 on November 11th, 1918.

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Everett Millman

Everett Millman

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Everett has been the head content writer and market analyst at Gainesville Coins since 2013. He has a background in History and is deeply interested in how gold and silver have historically fit into the financial system.

In addition to blogging, Everett's work has been featured in CoinWeek, Advisor Perspectives, Wealth Management, Activist Post, and has been referenced by the Washington Post.

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