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Surgeons Find a Dozen Gold Bars In Man's Stomach

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Surgeons Find a Dozen Gold Bars In Man's Stomach
Gold bars surgically removed from patient. (photo: CNN) Gold bars surgically removed from patient. (photo: CNN)

In one of the most bizarre cases in a long list of inventive gold smuggling schemes, a surgical team at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, India got a 24K surprise from a patient with intestinal blockage.

The 63 year-old man checked himself into the hospital, complaining of vomiting, severe stomach pain, and inability to defecate. X-rays showed several objects in the patient's stomach and intestine. Surgery was the only option to clear the blockage. However, when the surgeons opened him up, they certainly weren't expecting what they found: A dozen gold bars, each weighing 33 grams (a little over one troy ounce.)

"I believe we've found your problem, sir."

The elderly smuggler apparently though he could pass his massive er, "gold deposit" after returning to India, but greed got the best of his gut. Doctors turned over the intestinal treasure, worth well over $16,000, to authorities (after properly sanitizing them, of course), who will investigate the man's recent travel history. This isn't the first time someone smuggling gold to India has been tripped up by their greed.

One wonders if he will be allowed to use a couple of the gold bars to pay his surgical bill, or will the hospital have to file a claim as "discoverer" of the treasure in order to be paid!

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This article was written by Steven Cochran.

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