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The Coin Adventurer Corner: 2010 Proof Silver Colt M-16 Coin

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The Coin Adventurer Corner: 2010 Proof Silver Colt M-16 Coin

There is more than freshly-minted gold and silver at Gainesville Coins. We also receive precious metal coins and bars from all over the world, some over 100 years old! We purchase these items from collectors, estates, jewelry and coin shops, and others - what is called the "secondary market."

Sometimes when I'm nosing around in our vaults or passing the receiving desk, I see something that catches my eye. I will be sharing these items in this new column, "The Coin Adventurer Corner." There's no telling what I might dig up!


For my first article, I want to highlight this coin we just got back in - the Colt M-16 colorized proof silver coin by the New Zealand Mint. Limited to a mintage of 20,000, this beautiful coin displays a color American flag waving above the image of a M-16 automatic rifle, with the Colt trademark and Rampant Colt logo.M-16-case

The coin comes in a special spring-loaded metal case shaped like a M-16 magazine, that the coin "loads" into like a shell. This all comes in a red, white, and blue shipping box with certificate of authenticity.

Our initial supply of these sold out as fast as real magazines did, so grab one while you can!

by The Coin Adventurer


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