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2014 Tokelau Yellowfin Tuna Silver Coin At Gainesville Coins

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2014 Tokelau Yellowfin Tuna Silver Coin At Gainesville Coins


Grab the new Yellowfin Tuna 1 oz silver coin at Gainesville Coins!

The first in a new series of coins celebrating the sea life of the South Pacific island chain of Tokelau, the 1 troy ounce coin is struck from .999 fine (99.9% pure) silver. The reverse features a stunning image of a yellowfin tuna, with its Tokelauan and English name above. The name of Tokelau frames the mighty gamefish from below.

The yellowfin tuna has been a staple of the Tokelauan diet for centuries, and still plays a large part in modern-day nourishment for the population.

The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley image of Elizabeth II as Queen of the Commonwealth, with the year-date, denomination of $5 (Tokelau uses the New Zealand dollar, as a semi-autonomous territory,) and the official image of Tokelau, the Tuluma.

The Tuluma is the traditional carved wooden tackle box of Tokelauan fishermen, with a white Christian cross on the front. Another testament to the island chain's Christian past is the official motto: "Tokelau Mo Te Atua" ("Tokelau For God".)

This one ounce fine silver coin, which is limited to a mintage of 500,000 coins, will be followed by a 1/2 oz version with a 250,000 mintage, before the series continues with the next coin.

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