Two Danish Treasure Hunters Find Arab Gold In Buried Viking Hoard

Two Danish Treasure Hunters Find Arab Gold In Buried Viking Hoard

Published: April 30, 2014
Updated: July 31, 2019
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Great Warriors Viking Silver Proof Coin

The Copenhagen Post reports on the discovery earlier this month of a buried Viking treasure horde by two amateur archaeologists. The amazing find, consisting of about 250 gold and silver coins, were found with metal detectors in a plowed field in Bornholm.  The two men said their find culminated hundreds of hours of searching.

The local Bornholms Museum examined the mass of coins, and said that they were probably buried in the 1080s. What was most exciting was the discovery that some of the gold coins came from the Middle East.

"That includes two Arabic gold dinars minted in 1040 in Egypt and in 1060 in Tunisia during the Fatimid dynasty respectively," said René Laursen from Bornholms Museum. "Both are unique discoveries. We've never found Arabic gold dinar in a Viking treasure in Denmark."

Vikings raided Muslim lands from Spain to Armenia for over 200 years, starting in the mid-800s. They often captured and looted towns and took nobles hostage for ransom, before returning to the sea. This newly-discovered treasure, as much as it is worth now, would have been a huge fortune 1000 years ago.


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