Trump Financial Disclosure Shows He Owns Gold!

Most Surprising Part of Trump Financial Disclosure? He Owns Gold!

Everett Millman
By Everett Millman
Published May 16, 2019

Everyone in the media is talking about President Trump's tax returns and financial disclosures. There is a genuine curiosity about the president's finances. The question is obvious: How does one of the world's most successful billionaires invest his money?

One aspect of the most recent financial reports released by the White House caught our eye: Apparently, the president has a significant investment in physical gold.

Releasing Financial Documents

Since the end of the special prosecutor's investigation, popularly referred to as the Mueller case, Democrats in Congress have been clamoring for access to the president's personal financial information.

While this political effort is surely intended to dig up something embarrassing or untoward about President Trump's finances, it has led to a rather interesting revelation: Trump likes gold!

gold double eagles

American $20 gold Double Eagle coins Portable Antiquities Scheme (UK)[CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

On the campaign trail, the president offered favorable (yet calculated) comments about gold and the gold standard, going as far as saying that it would be "wonderful" if our money was backed by gold.

Moreover, Trump has in the past involved physical gold in the financing of his real estate deals. Clearly, he recognizes the universal value of gold as a financial and monetary asset.

Trump Owns Gold

Amid all of this political hoopla, President Trump (with the advice of his legal counsel) has decided to release a fuller accounting of his financial empire.

You can find the full bundle of financial disclosure documents here. The link was provided by CNBC, so the subsequent analysis must be taken with a grain of salt.

If you scroll down to about the 24th page, you'll see that Trump holds between $100,000 to $250,000 of his wealth in physical gold. This is physical metal, not a gold ETF or speculative position in gold futures.

gold bars

Granted, the president's net worth is in the billions of dollars, so this isn't a particularly aggressive allocation of gold. However, it's still worth noting that one of the world's wealthiest moguls chooses to keep nearly a quarter-million dollars of his investments in gold.

Whether you're planning for retirement, estate management, or simply balancing your investment portfolio, there is a compelling case for owning gold for diversity and a safe haven from times of economic turmoil.

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