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U.S. Mint Doubles Profit on Bullion in 2013

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U.S. Mint Doubles Profit on Bullion in 2013

American Gold and Silver Eagles

The U.S. Mint has released its fiscal 2013 report, which shows that it was a very, very good year for bullion. An all-time record of over 42.6 million American Silver Eagles sold, and nearly 1.1 million ounces of gold Eagle and Buffalo coins sold.

Revenue from the the Mint's bullion coin program increased by 31.8% to over $3.2 billion, and net profit was up 108.8%, to $59.3 million, despite the drop in precious metals prices since 2012. This is solid proof that everyday people have a better handle on the consequences of runaway money printing than the experts on TV.

by Steven Cochran

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