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U.S. Mint To Ration 2014 Silver Eagles, Delay Release Date

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U.S. Mint To Ration 2014 Silver Eagles, Delay Release Date


The American Silver Eagle bullion coin has shattered all sales records this year, with over 42.5 million ounces sold so far. The last shipment of Silver Eagles left the U.S. Mint this Monday, which will have to tide the global market for five weeks. The Mint is already hard at work producing the 2014 Silver Eagles, but has pushed back the first day of sales to distributors to January 13.

Last January, demand for the 2013 Silver Eagles was so great that the Mint ran out of silver blanks to make them from just two weeks into the year. Sales were suspended for the last two weeks of January, while the Mint waited on new blanks from its suppliers. Despite only two weeks of sales, nearly 7.5 million American Silver Eagles were sold in January 2013.

Demand for the 2014 Eagles is expected to be brisk, but you can take advantage of the recent dip in spot silver prices to lock in low prices now, by pre-ordering your 2014 American Silver Eagles today.

The American Silver Eagle is the first .999 fine silver legal tender coin struck by the U.S. Mint, and is the official silver bullion coin of the United States of America. The 1 troy ounce weight and 99.9% purity is guaranteed by the U.S. Government. The most popular investment-grade silver coin in the world, the Silver Eagle is accepted by bullion dealers word-wide, providing excellent liquidity. Silver Eagles are eligible for inclusion in self-directed IRAs, and because they are legal tender, there is no sales tax on your purchase.

For more information and an original photo gallery, please visit our American Silver Eagle Spotlight page.

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