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Valcambi Gold CombiBars in Stock at Gainesville Coins!

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Valcambi Gold CombiBars in Stock at Gainesville Coins!


Gainesville Coins has the Valcambi 50 gram gold CombiBar in stock, in holder with assay card! This unique way to hold gold has taken the market by storm, with its ability to be easily separated into 50 mini-bars that each weigh exactly 1 gram. The CombiBar is the world's first divisible gold bar. The patented Valcambi minting process allows each 1 gram segment to be separated cleanly along pre-scored lines, leaving no sharp edges. Each 1 gram segment of 99.99% pure gold is struck with the weight, purity, and the assay mark.

In addition to the collectible value, CombiBars are useful in situation where ready access to paper money or use of credit cards is impossible, such as remote areas or after natural disasters. All CombiBars come in a plastic holder with assay card, and easily fit in wallet or purse. The 50 gram bar itself is minted in the A8 format (74mm x 52mm), making it approximately the size of a playing card. Valcambi mints the CombiBar to the Investment Product Standard.


Valcambi SA, located in Balerne, Switzerland, is a LBMA-certified refiner that was founded in 1961. Valcambi is one of very few refiners to offer Green Gold products, which provides full documentation of the gold content from the mine to the finished bars or coins.

NOTE: Both sizes of the Silver CombiBar are now back in stock!

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