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Valcambi Introduces Pre-cut 50g Gold Bars for Your Pocket

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Valcambi Introduces Pre-cut 50g Gold Bars for Your Pocket


Valcambi SA has introduced the CombiBar- a 50 gram, thin gold bar the size of a credit card, pre-scored to be easily broken into fifty, one gram pieces. The company is advertising it as a alternative "emergency spending" measure that you carry with you. If you're somewhere with no cash, and can't use a credit card, you whip this out of your wallet and break off a 1 gram piece or two to pay for whatever.  Each tiny piece has the Valcambi logo and assay stamp. The CombiBar comes in a plastic holder, with a second section holding the serial number and providing a place to store loose strips.

So, would you buy this and use it in an emergency, like after a hurricane or flood? If someone owed you $53 (using the current spot price for 1 gram of gold) and tried to pay you with a teeny piece of 24k gold, would you take it?  I wonder if my mechanic would take a strip of five for a $265 car repair bill?


by David Peterson

NOTE: Gainesville Coins now carries the 100 * 1g and 10 * 10g Silver CombiBars!


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