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The Week Ahead: August 31, 2015

blog | Published On 8/31/2015 9:53:11 AM by Everett Millman
  • Markets are closed in London Monday due to a bank holiday.
  • $5 trillion in value was lost from world equities in the month of August.
  • European stocks see their worst month in 4 years; Eurozone inflation continues to run low.

Economic Data Released This Week

  • PMI announcements: Chicago, China, Japan (Monday); U.S., U.K., India, France, Germany, Switzerland, Eurozone (Tuesday); China, Japan (Wednesday); India, U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Eurozone, Global Composite (Thursday); Canada (Friday)
  • GDP announcements: India, Switzerland (Monday); Australia, Canada, Italy (Tuesday); Eurozone (Friday)
  • Central bank meeting minutes: Reserve Bank of Australia (Monday); European Central Bank (Thursday)
  • Trade & Commerce data: Germany, Italy (Monday); Australia (Wednesday); U.S., Canada, Eurozone (Thursday)
  • Manufacturing data: Dallas Fed, China, Eurozone (Monday); U.S., Global Composite (Tuesday); U.K. (Wednesday); U.S. (Thursday); Germany (Friday)
  • Price (inflation) data: Italian CPI, Eurozone (Monday); Eurozone PPI (Wednesday); Swiss CPI (Friday)
  • Employment data: Italy, Germany, Eurozone (Tuesday); U.S. (Wednesday); U.S., France (Thursday); Canada, U.S. (Friday)
  • Check out Friday's volatility in stocks, which closed virtually unchanged:
Source: Google Finance Source: Google Finance
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