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2019 Silver Coins

Silver bullion coins are released as part of annual series by government mints from all around the world. These silver coins are being issued again for the year 2018 (and in some cases, even 2019) with all new designs. Minted as legal tender by governments all over the world, these coins come in at least .999 fine silver and have different themes that represent their respective countries. Popular silver bullion coins include: Canadian Maple Leafs and American Silver Eagles.

2019 Silver Bullion Coins Are Coming!

Silver coins are a great purchase for collectors and as gifts, or for investors as a stable store of wealth. To distinguish between a coin and a round or medal, silver bullion coins have three features: they are government-issued, have a year-of-issue (or year-date) listed, and have a legal tender value. Coins are minted in varying purities and weights based on the series and the mint who produces them.

With Gainesville Coins, you can purchase silver as an affordable momento or as an investment tool. Our selection of 2018 and 2019 Silver Bullion Coins are representative of the newest designs and trends on the precious metals market!