"Only Halves" $1 Face Value of 90% Silver Coins  (Mix of Kennedy, Walkers, Barbers, and Franklins) "Only Halves" $1 Face Value of 90% Silver Coins (Mix of K...
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Kennedy / Franklin Half Dollars

Up to 1964, the United States Mint issued 90% silver coins for circulation in denominations up to 50 cents (half dollar). These .900 fine silver coins were no longer produced over the following 50 years, drawing many silver investors and U.S. coin collectors to the Franklin half dollar series (1948-1963), as well as the subsequent Kennedy halves. These two half dollar designs, prior to the reintroduction of the dollar coin with the Eisenhower dollar in 1970, served as the highest denomination coins in the U.S. during their time in circulation.

The Franklin half features the right-facing bust of Benjamin Franklin, perhaps the nation's most interesting and endearing founding father. Franklin not only dabbled in science, politics, philosophy, and entrepreneurship, but also penned the Poor Richard's Almanac for Americans (especially farmers) to reference in their day-to-day lives. Franklin's accomplishments are myriad and sundry, and he is a fitting subject for our nation's coins despite never holding the office of President.

The late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy has appeared on the half dollar since 1964, when his likeness was placed on the half to commemorate his slaying the year before, replacing the Franklin design. In 1964, these half dollars were made with the same 90% silver content as their predecessors, but beginning in 1965 and lasting until 1970, the Kennedy half dollar's silver content was reduced to 40%. Thereafter, from 1971 on, the Kennedy half has been struck from a copper-nickel alloy like most other "clad" coins.

Both the Kennedy and Franklin half dollars are among the most appealing U.S. coins to collectors thanks to their large size and iconic portraits of the two men. The collecting community is, in fact, the exclusive source of demand for the Kennedy half today, as the coin is scarcely used in commerce and is instead intended for collectors. 1964-dated Kennedy half dollars, however, are still prized for their .900 fine silver and for being minted in the first year of issue in the series.


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