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Past Contests

Valentines Day 2014

Valentines Day Love Poem Contest

Last Run: 02/14/14

Declare your love by wrtiting a poem with the following phrases included: Gainesville Coins, Love, Bullion, Buy and Trust. We'll post your submissions on our site, where voting through Facebook and Google Plus will determine the winner.

Holiday Recipe Contest

Holiday Recipe Contest

Last Run: 12/30/13

Gainesville Coins got into the holiday spirit with a recipe contest. Contestants had to make their favorite holiday dish and decorate it with the Gainesville Coins logo.

Valentines Day Poem Contest

Coin Your Love With A Poem

Last Run 02/14/13

Gainesville Coins celebrated Valentine's Day with a love poem contest. Participants declared their love by writing a poem with the following phrases included: "Love", "Gold", "Silver", "Online" and "Gainesville Coins". We selected the top 5 finalists and let the public vote on our website, where the winner received a 2013 "Forever Love" Silver Coin. The poems that didn't make the final cut had an additional opportunity to win through our second chance contest, where the poem with the most number of likes decided the winner.