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2013 Year of The Snake 1 AVP Oz Copper Round (Made In The USA)

By Gainesville Coins
Published February 04, 2015
2013 Snake Copper Round

Gainesville Coins offers U.S. made 2013 Year of the Snake 1 AVP Copper Rounds. These differ from coins because they are not legal tender and can not be used as money. Unlike their gold and silver counterparts, copper is weighed in standard American ounces or (avoirdupois) as opposed to troy ounces. Collecting copper rounds is an easy way to accumulate and store copper.

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Round Specifications

Coin Specifications
Front/Obverse The front shows a coiled snake flanked by stalks of bamboo with the Chinese symbol for snake and a beaded border.
Back/Reverse The back reads 2013 Year of the Snake in the middle along with the purity and weight along the top of the coin, in addition to the Chinese symbol for snake.
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