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American Eagle Coins

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American Eagle Coins

Since Congress issued the production of the American Eagle series in 1986, the United States Government has been minting the American Eagle Silver Coin , the American Eagle Gold Coin and the American Eagle Platinum Coin to keep up with demand. Because American Eagle coins are available in precious metal bullion and proof minted finishes, they are valuable to both collectors and investors.

Investing In the American Eagle

American Eagle bullion coins offer a great choice for investors looking to add small amounts of precious metal to their portfolios. Not only are the silver, gold and platinum versions of the coin affordable and cost-effective, but they all also maintain value due to their .9999 pure compositions, even during economic fluctuations.

Additionally, the US Government guarantees purity, weight and composition of the coins. Because of this official backing, the coins maintain a high standard on the global market and can be easily traded on exchanges and at dealers world-wide. The American Eagle is a financially secure investment that ensures creditability, global recognition, and stability. It is the official U.S. bullion coin and is a liquid asset that can be seamlessly converted into cash.

Collecting Eagles

The US Government also proofs gold, silver, and platinum mints that are available for collectors. While these coins are primarily made for collectors, they can add value to any collection or portfolio since they are composed of pure (.9999) precious metals. Collectors can choose from American Eagle Proof coins or American Eagle Uncirculated Coins, which were added to the series in 2006. Both coins are similar except that the commemorative uncirculated version is minted with a mark indicating minting facility.

The American Eagle Proof and Uncirculated coins go through a special process which encompasses feeding burnished coin blanks into presses with special dies. While the Mint began gold and silver American Eagle proof production in 1986, the same year as the American Eagle bullion coins, platinum was added to the American Eagle Proof series in 1997.

Like the American Eagle bullion coins, the American Eagle Proof coins are issued by the US Mint, so both the American Eagle Proof and Uncirculated coins are guaranteed under the US Government.

Choose the American Eagle

Along with America Eagle bullion coins in silver, gold and platinum metals, we have American Eagle Proof coins for sale to investors and collectors alike here at Gainesville Coins.

For more information about American Eagles, call us at 813.482.9300 and we can help you add American precious metals to your collection or portfolio today.

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