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Australian Coins

By Gainesville Coins
Published February 11, 2015

Like several coin-producing nations around the world, the country of Australia mints bullion coins to be marketed to domestic and international buyers. Examples of the most easily-recognized Australian coins include: the Australian Koala , Australian Kangaroo and Australian Kookaburra . These coins are sought after for their exquisite composition and unique numismatic status.

Backed by the reputation of the government of the Commonwealth of Australia, Australian coins carry a measure of clout in the modern bullion world. Investors trust the quality and purity of the metals being used in their coins, while collectors rely on the reputation of Australian coins to bolster their investment for years to come.

Facts About Australian Coins

  • The "Australian Nugget," issued in 1987, was the first bullion coin produced in Australia.
  • Australia exports gold and silver "blanks" to other countries for use in the production of their own bullion coins.
  • All Australian coins are produced by the Perth Mint, located in Western Australia.

Popular Australian coins include:

Why Buy Australian Coins?

Australian coins are both an investment and a keepsake. Many buyers purchase Australian coins only for their numismatic value – that is, their value as collectable coins – but investors recognize the truly unique opportunity that lies in Australian coins. Not only does owning physical bullion hedge owners against inflation, it also acts as a great investment. One need only look at the recent jump in bullion prices to recognize the opportunity for investment that resides in Australian coins.

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