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Australian Platinum Koala

By Gainesville Coins
Published February 04, 2015
Australian Platinum Koala Coin

The Platinum Koala is an Australian platinum bullion coin minted by the Perth Mint and is the most famous series of platinum coins of Australia. The coin was first minted in 1988 in Perth and quickly became the world's "largest selling and first international tradeable investment coin". Together with the American Platinum Eagle, the Platinum Koala is one of the very few series of platinum coins that are still being produced. The Koala is registered as legal tender in Australia and each coin has a true face value.

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Weights And Denominations

Weight and Denominations
Coin Size Face Value Purity Gross Weight Platinum Content Diameter Coin Thickness
1 kg $3,000.00 99.95% 1000.1g 32.149 oz 75.30mm 13.90mm
10 oz $1,000.00 99.95% 311.691g 10.010 oz 60.30mm 7.90mm
2 oz $200.00 99.95% 62.214g 1.9991 oz 40.60mm 3.80mm
1 oz $100.00 99.95% 31.185g 1.0016 oz 32.10mm 2.70mm
1/2 oz $50.00 99.95% 15.605g 0.5012 oz 25.10mm 1.30mm
1/4 oz $25.00 99.95% 7.815g 0.2510 oz 20.10mm 1.90mm
1/10 oz $15.00 99.95% 3.137g 1.008 oz 16.10mm 1.32mm
1/20 oz $5.00 99.95% 1.571g 0.0505 oz 14.10mm 1.32mm

Coin Specifications

Coin Specifications
Front / Obverse As with its other Koala bullion coins, the design on the obverse of the platinum Koala features an Ian Rank Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. She is encircled by her name, the name of the country, and the denomination.
Rear/Reverse In keeping with the design rotations for all its bullion coins, the reverse design of the Koala changes annually. Each year features a different representation of the cuddly, tree-climbing marsupial.
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