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Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins

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Published February 04, 2015
Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin Reverse Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin Obverse

The Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin can be considered unique amount investors because it has circulated with two different currency values. From the first time it was minted in 1989 and until 2001 this Austrian gold coin was denominated in Austrian Shillings and beginning with 2002 in Euros. The uniqueness of the Gold Philharmonic Coin can also be observed having the distinction of being the only bullion gold coin to be featured on the side of an airplane, on an Austrian Airlines Airbus A340.

This highly sought coins has a 99.99% fineness being made of pure gold (24K) and it is considered by many collectors the most attractive standard bullion gold coin on the market.

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Coin Specifications

Coin Specifications
Mintage Austrian Mint
Obverse / Front The reverse (back) side of the coin shows the great organ in the concert hall of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The words "REPUBLIK OSTERREICH" are shown in an arc across the top. The weight, purity and year of issue are inscribed below the organ. The denomination in Euros is shown in an arc around the bottom.
Reverse / Back The obverse (front) side is a montage of musical instruments, including a string bass, cellos, violins, a bassoon, harp and Viennese horn. The words "Wiener Philharmoniker" (German for Vienna Philharmonic) are show in an arc across the top.
IRA Eligible Yes
Grade Brilliant Uncirculated
Weights / Denominations 1 oz Gold Philharmonic (100 EUR), 1/2 oz Gold Philharmonic (50 EUR), 1/4 oz Gold Philharmonic (25 EUR), 1/10 oz Gold Philharmonic (10 EUR)
Diameter / Thicknes 1 oz Gold Philharmonics (Diameter: 37 mm, Thickness: 2.00 mm)
1/2 oz Gold Philharmonics (Diameter: 28 mm, Thickness: 1.60 mm)
1/4 oz Gold Philharmonics (Diameter: 22 mm, Thickness: 1.20 mm)
1/10 oz Gold Philharmonics (Diameter: 16 mm, Thickness: 1.20 mm)
Gold Bullion Content The Austrian Gold Philharmonic is .9999 pure, or 24 karats.
Other Specifications 1 troy ounce Gold Austrian Philharmonic has a diameter of 37mm, the 1/2 troy ounce Austrian Gold Philharmonic has a diameter of 28 mm. The 1/4 troy ounce Gold Austrian Philharmonic has a diameter of 22 mm. The 1/10 troy ounce Gold Austrian Philharmonic has a diameter of 16 mm.
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