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Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

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Published February 11, 2015
Canadian Maple Leafs Coins

The Canadian Maple Leaf is a series of modern bullion coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Starting with the original introduction of the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf in 1979, at a time when the only bullion coin available was the Krugerrand, the coin established itself as the only modern coin with a 24-karat gold composition. As a result, the Canadian Maple Leaf quickly became one of the most popular bullion coin series of all time. In order to keep up with demand - and to expand the market - the Royal Canadian Mint introduced a Silver Canadian Maple Leaf in 1988. The reverse of both coins has a beautifully-designed graphic of a maple leaf, an internationally recognized symbol of Canada. On the obverse, an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is shown.

Facts About the Canadian Maple Leaf Coins:

  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins are minted of 99.99% (24-karat) pure gold. Special edition coins are made of .99999, or “five-nines”, gold minted throughout the years. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins are made of 99.99% (“four nines”) pure silver, making them the purest silver coin to be offered by any government in history. The standard for minting silver coins is 99.9%, or “triple nine” pure silver.
  • Although not nearly as popular as their gold and silver counterparts, a platinum version of the Canadian Maple Leaf coins has been minted since 1988, and a palladium edition since 2005.
  • Other special editions of the Canadian Maple Leaf coins include gilded, holographic, and a series of releases with colored maple leaves.

Maple Leaf Coins

Why Buy Canadian Maple Leaf Coins?

Canadian Maple Leaf Coins are minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. As such, both their content and purity are guaranteed by the Canadian government; these characteristics set Canadian Maple Leafs apart from similar modern coins. In addition to their guaranteed quality, these coins remain desirable because of the demand they incur. Current demand for Canadian Maple Leaf coins is bolstered by the fact the coins have been historically popular.

Now is the Time

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