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2002 Shawnee Nation Proof Gold Coin

learn | Published On March 04, 2015 by Gainesville Coins
Perth Mint 2002 Shawnee Nation Proof Gold Coin

In the past, the United States has issued many coins that featuring Native Americans. The Shawnee Tribe of the Indian Nations, which is a Sovereign Nation located in Oklahoma, began issuing commemorative coins in 2002 and were the first Native American Indians to do so. The 2002 Shawnee Nation Proof Gold Coin is an important gold commemorative coin because it is the first gold coin ever issued by a sovereign Indian tribe within the United States

The Five Dollar denomination coin contains 1/5 oz. or 6.22 grams of pure (99.9% fine) gold. These 2002 Shawnee Proof Gold coins are have a proof grade quality. These coins are also legal tender within the Shawnee reservation.

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Coin Specifications

Coin Specifications
Mintage Only 5,000 proof gold coins were minted.
Issue Year 2002
IRA Elligible No
Diameter / Denominations Diameter: 20 mm / Denomination: $5.00
Front / Obverse The obverse/front of the coin features a portrait of Tenskwatawa who was a Native American religious and political leader of the Shawnee tribe, also known as the Shawnee Prophet. The obverse also feature mint marks of the birth and death year of Tenskwatawa.
The coat of arms on the reverse of each coin contains 12 stars, representing the original 12 tribes of the Shawnee Indian Nation and the mint year.
Gold Bullion Content 6.22 grams (1/5oz) / 22-karat (99.9% Gold)
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