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Dahlonega, GA

By Gainesville Coins
Published June 03, 2015

Discovery of gold in the hills of northern Georgia touched off the second gold rush in U.S. history, and let to the forcible expulsion of the Cherokee Indians from the area. To handle the refining and coining of this gold,the Dahlonega branch of the U.S. Mint was authorized in 1835, at the same time as the Charlotte and New Orleans Mints. Closed at the start of the Civil War in 1861, declining gold production in the area meant that it was never re-opened. The Dahlonega Mint only struck gold quarter eagles and half eagles during its existence, except for 1854, when it struck $3 gold pieces.

The Dahlonega Mint building remained unoccupied from 1865 until 1873, when it was purchased for the founding of North Georgia College. It burned to the ground five years later, and a large new building was constructed on its foundation.

The Dahlonega Mint used the “D” mint mark. In 1906, the “D” mint mark was revived by the new Denver Mint. Since the Dahlonega Mint only produced gold $2.50, $3, and $5 coins up to 1861, from designs that were not used in Denver, there is no danger of confusing coins from the two mints.

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