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Gold Bullion Coins

By Gainesville Coins
Published February 11, 2015

Since the beginning of recorded human history, gold has been used for coinage. A few characteristics of gold have helped it to become one of the most popular metals used in minting coins. Because gold has a high value-to-weight ratio, large sums of money can be transported easily when denominated in gold. Gold can be divided into smaller units or melted and re-formed as ingots or other coins without destroying its value. Gold is inert, meaning it does not react with other elements. This adds to gold’s desirability as a coin because it will not oxidize or become otherwise tarnished with extended circulation.

Since the era of the Great Depression however, and specifically after the issue of Executive Order 6102 in 1933, gold has fallen out of legal tender usage. While it is true that many items of gold bullion have face values, and as such, can be used as legal tender, they are typically worth much more as investment items. Gold Bullion Coins are coins which are valued for their mass and purity rather than their face value.

Facts About Gold Bullion Coins

  • The European Commission publishes annually a list of gold coins which must be treated as investment gold coins in all EU Member States. The list has legal force and supplements the law.
  • The American Gold Eagle has been sold in higher volume than any other gold bullion coin, making it the "most popular coin ever minted."
  • In 2007 the Royal Canadian Mint produced a 100 kilogram gold coin with a face value of $1,000,000, though the gold content was worth over $2 million at the time.

Examples of commonly purchased gold bullion coins are given below:

Why Buy Gold Bullion Coins?

Gold Bullion Coins are both incredible investments and amazing keepsakes. While some buyers cherish gold bullion coins purely for their numismatic value – that is, their value as collectable coins – most purchasers recognize the truly unique investment opportunity that lies in gold ownership. Not only does owning physical gold hedge owners against the inflationary tendencies of fiat currencies, but it also acts as a fantastic investment. Historically speaking, gold has outpaced competing investments time and time again making it the truly wise choice.

Invest in Precious Metals

In addition to the numismatic value of many gold bullion coins, there exists the rising demand for their content - gold. With recent and ongoing global events which have the ability to shape markets and influence demand, precious metals, including gold, have enjoyed an increase in popularity. Spot prices have risen, and continue to trend upward. Many investors have already recognized this, and have made their move to get in on the ground floor. Call Gainesville Coins today and let us help you become one of them.

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