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Common Date US Gold

Learning Center

Common Date also known as "generics", these U.S. gold coins exist in sufficient quantities for both the mint date and quality, that they are traded as like-kind units instead of as a specific coin. The prices of these coins are determined more by the contents of their precious metals and the values rises and falls with the price of spot gold. Common date U.S. gold coins include: $20 Saint-Gaudens and Liberty, $10 Indian and Liberty, $5 Indian and Liberty, $3, $2.5 Indian and Liberty, and $1 Types I, II, and III.

Slab coins that have been certified as to authenticity and quality by an independent grading service. These coins may be sealed in a plastic container called a slab. The condition of the coin is graded using the Sheldon numerical scale. Common date coins contain those uncirculated coins (MS) with values from 61 to 66.

Raw coins that are loose and have not been certified by an independent grading service. The condition of Raw coins are graded using the scale: VF (Very Fine), XF (Extra Fine), AU (About Uncirculated), CU (Choice Uncirculated), and BU (Brilliant Uncirculated).

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