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Learn About Precious Metals

There are so many popular precious metal coins and bars, it's hard to keep track of them. From old circulating gold and silver coins of the 19th and 20th Centuries to modern bullion bars and coins, you can find a wealth of data in the Gainesville Coins Learning Center.

The Learning Center not only covers bullion and old coins, it also introduces modern collectibles struck in gold, silver, platinum, and even copper! Browse the different subjects and take a virtual tour of some of the world's most popular coins.

fort knox bullion depository

Fort Knox

The United States Bullion Depository (Also Known As Fort Knox), Is The Storage Location For The Majority Of The Gold Reserves Of The United States Government.

gold coins

Gold Coins and Bullion from Gainesville Coins

Buy Gold Coins At Wholesale Prices At Gainesville Coins. Order Online, Or Call (813) 482-9300 To Speak With A Representative.

history of coin collecting

The History Of Coin Collecting

Follow Coin Collecting From The Early Days As An Exclusive Hobby Of Kings, To Contemporary Collecting. Even Now, Modern Coin Collecting Continues To Evolve.

grading components

Grading Components

There Are Five Criteria That Determine A Coin's Grade: Strike, Surface Preservation, Luster, Coloration And Eye Appeal. Grading Helps Establish Value.

newyork coins

New York's Trusted Source for Wholesale Coins and Bullion

New York coin enthusiasts come to Gainesville Coins for rare and modern coins because we offer the most extensive selection and knowledge.

augustus saint gaudens

Augustus Saint Gaudens

President Teddy Roosevelt Choose St. Gaudens To Redesign American Coinage. Embracing The Challenge, He Crafted The Double Eagle That Would Bear His Name.

rare coins

Rare Coins and Rare Coin Collecting

Buy rare gold and silver coins at gainesvilecoins.Com. Order online or call (813) 482-9300 to speak with a representative.

us regular issue gold

U.S. Gold Coins Through History

The Coinage Act Of 1792 Established The US Mint And Its Ability To Produce Legal Tender Gold Coins. Originally, Ten Silver Dollars Equaled One Gold Eagle.

25 gold

History of the Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle Coin

The US $2.50 Gold Coin, Also Known As the Quarter Eagle, is Both Beautiful And Affordable. The First US $2.50 Gold Coin Was Minted In 1796.

regular issue 1 silver

U.S. Silver Dollars Through History

Since The Inception Of The Very First US Silver Dollar In 1792, There Have Been Periodic Stoppages Due To Fluctuating Price Of Silver.

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