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Morgan Silver Dollar Cull Condition Common Date

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morgan silver dollar cull condition
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Morgan Silver Dollars were minted by the Philadelphia Mint from 1878 to 1904, and once again in 1921. Named for the engraver George T. Morgan, they replaced the "Seated Liberty" Silver Dollar design. These Random Date Morgan Silver Dollars are in Cull Condition.

The reverse of the coin shows the left profile of the head of Lady Liberty, as based off of the profile of a Miss Anna Williams, surrounded by thirteen stars, symbolizing the original thirteen colonies of the Americas. Anna Williams was a schoolteacher who created quite a stir when she posed for the Lady Liberty design by Mr. George T. Morgan, as ladies did not pose for young men in the 1870s without social reverberation. The face, or obverse of the coin, displays the American bald eagle holding an olive branch and arrows, with the monetary denomination, "One Dollar," and the words, “United States of America,” and, “In God We Trust.”

The dates on the coins you receive are our choice. Customer will receive a quantity of ONE coin for the stated price.