Roman Empire Antonius Pius AD 138-161 AR Denarius NGC
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Roman Empire Antonius Pius AD 138-161 AR Denarius NGC Certified

roman empire antonius pius denarius
roman empire antonius pius denarius
roman empire antonius pius denarius
roman empire antonius pius denarius
roman empire antonius pius denarius
roman empire antonius pius denarius
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Buy Roman Empire Antonius Pius AD 138-161 AR Denarius NGC Certified

This silver denarius of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius has been certified as authentic by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, one of the top names in coin grading.

Minted by Antoninus Pius as Emperor between 138 and 161 AD, your silver denarius coin will be one of several different designs produced during his nearly 23-year long reign.

All coins will feature a portrait of Antoninus Pius on the front, with a scene on the back. Some of the possible designs include Roman deities such as Apollo, Diana, Fortuna, or Pax, Other designs show the Emperor as divine, or sacrificial implements.

Each Antoninus Pius AR denarius comes enclosed in a tamper-proof clear case, with a label reading “Roman Empire Antoninus Pius AD 138-161 AR Denarius” This certified coin is housed in an attractive presentation case.with color placard.

Antoninus Pius

Mild-mannered, forthright, and a believer in justice for the common man, the reign of Antoninus Pius was one of peace and prosperity. His 22 year, 7 months on the throne was the longest of any emperor other than the 41-year reign of the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar. Antoninus Pius is known to history as the fourth of the legendary “Five Good Emperors”.

The Emperor Hadrian designated the childless Antoninus as his successor, but only with the understanding that he would manage the empire until the majority of Marcus Aurelius (who would later be known as the last of the Five Good Emperors). Antoninus Pius was 51 years old when he ascended the throne, while Marcus Aurelius was merely 16. Everyone, including Antoninus himself, expected him to last just a handful of years, with Marcus stepping into his place. Things did not go as expected, though no one could really complain with the results.

Universally acclaimed as a just and fair man, Antoninus Pius’s attention to matters of state large and small meant that Rome actually had a budget surplus at the time of his death.Among many notable works, he rebuilt the crumbling Colosseum, and extended Rome’s reach into Scotland with the construction of the Antonine Wall, 100 miles further north than Hadrian’s Wall. He also sponsored public works in many Roman cities, both in Italy and in the provinces.

Antoninus Pius died on March 9, 161 AD, at the age of 74. As planned, he was succeeded by Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Veras, the first time Rome was ruled by two emperors at once.

roman empire antonius pius denarius


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