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Securely sell your silver to Gainesville Coins! We have many of the most popular silver bars and coins listed below, with offers based on the current spot price. If the item you wish to sell is not listed, call one of our friendly phone traders at (813) 482-9300 for a quote.

There's no $10,000 minimum to get these prices when selling to Gainesville Coins – we have no minimum levels to meet to get a great price!

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Gold $2,047.91 29.33
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*The Estimated Price listed is the price at the current spot. However, when your items arrive, we will call you to lock in the price using the actual spot price at that time.
Products To Sell
* Est. Price
2018 2 oz Australia Silver Dog Lunar Coin Perth Mint (BU in Capsule)
Silver Melt: 2 oz
2013 1 oz Silver Australian Lunar Year of the Snake Coin
Silver Melt: 1 oz
2016 Perth Mint 1 oz Silver Year of The Monkey (300,000 mintage)
Silver Melt: 1 oz
2017 1 oz Silver Krugerrand
Silver Melt: 1 oz
2016 1 oz Tuvalu Silver Star Trek USS Enterprise in Capsule
Silver Melt: 1 oz
South Korea 1 oz Silver 1 Clay Chiwoo Cheonwang - BU
Silver Melt: 1 oz
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