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Silver Bullion Bullets

Product Spotlight
Silver Bullets

Many silver purchasers are also sportsmen, and Silver Bullet bullion bars are a great way combine the two passions! Each Silver Bullet is milled from .999 fine silver to the dimensions of the actual cartridges using CNC lathes. These solid silver cartridges are then weighed, polished, and lacquer-coated to reduce tarnishing.

Your firearms protect you and your loved ones from physical threats. Let the Silver Bullet bullion replicas protect them against the fiscal threads of inflation, currency debasement, and bank collapses.

Please note that the Silver Bullets are solid 99.9% pure silver, not live rounds, and are not subject to any firearms laws. They are sold the same as other investment-grade silver bullion products.

1 Troy Oz Silver Bullets 45 ACP Pistol Round .999 Fine Silver
  • 45 ACP Caliber
  • 1 ozt 480 grains Weight
  • 1.275" 32.4mm Height
  • 0.476" 12.1mm Diameter

1 Troy Oz Silver Bullets

45 ACP Pistol Round .999 Fine Silver


The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) was developed by John Browning in answer to the Army's call for a heavier, "man-stopper" sidearm. This pistol, as the M1911, is still in active service over 100 years later, in nations around the world. This classic firearm is indelibly imprinted into the American consciousness as the ".45 army pistol," after seeing combat in two World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam. The Colt .45 is still the weapon of choice of millions of servicemen, LEOs and private gunowners.


The Colt .45 is immortalized in this .45 ACP Silver Bullet. Made from 1 troy oz (480 grains) of solid .999 fine silver, this silver bullion has the same 1.275" x .476" dimensions as the real cartridge. A great "carry piece" of a different sort, the .45 ACP Silver Bullet is an excellent icebreaker to discuss the Second Amendment with silver stackers, or the benefits of physical precious metals with gun enthusiasts.

2 Troy Oz Silver Bullets 7.62 NATO (.308) Rifle Round .999 Fine Silver

2 Troy Oz Silver Bullets

7.62 NATO (.308) Rifle Round .999 Fine Silver

The NATO 7.62x51 rifle round was developed in the 1950s as a standard small arms cartridge for all NATO countries. The 7.62 NATO round was first used in U.S. service in the M14 battle rifle and M60 machine gun. While the M14 was replaced with the M16 in the mid-1960s, the M60 machine gun has remained in service, and 7.62 -chambered rifles such as the FN FAL and H&K G3 are still in active service around the world.

The 7.62x51 NATO Silver Bullet weighs 2 troy oz (960 grains,) and is made of .999 fine (99.9% pure) solid silver. When you stack it next to an actual round, you can see how closely it matches the real thing. The 2 troy ounce weight makes for a handy size piece of silver bullion. Large enough to not get lost as easily as a 1 oz bar or round, yet a convenient value for barter or resale.

  • 7.62mm Caliber
  • 2 ozt 960 grains Weight
  • 2.72" 69.088mm Height
  • 0.47" 11.94mm Diameter
10 Troy Oz Silver Bullets .50 BMG AP Rifle Round .999 Fine Silver

10 Troy Oz Silver Bullets

.50 BMG AP Rifle Round .999 Fine Silver

The .50 BMG AP cartridge has perhaps seen more use in more situations than any other large caliber round. Originally designed during World War One by John Browning for his new anti-aircraft machine gun, this cartridge was used on land, sea and air in the famous M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun of WWII. In the wings of a fighter plane, on a tank or truck, on a PT Boat, or in an infantry support squad, the .50 BMG chewed through enemy vehicles and could even destroy concrete walls.

You don't mess with perfection, and the "Ma Deuce" is still in service today. The .50 BMG round is the standard heavy machine gun round of NATO, and is also used in extreme-range sniper rifles such as the M52 Barrett.

The hefty 10 troy oz .50 BMG AP Silver Bullet weighs 4,800 grains, and is milled from 99.9% pure silver. Standing 5.45" high with a base diameter of .804", this argent warrior has the same dimensions as the real thing. This silver bullion is as effective as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation as the live round is against physical targets.

  • .50 BMG AP Caliber
  • 10 ozt 4800 grains Weight
  • 5.45" 138mm Height
  • 0.804" 20.4mm Diameter
25 Troy Oz Silver Bullets 20mm M56A3 Autocannon Round .999 Fine Silver

25 Troy Oz Silver Bullets

20mm M56A3 Autocannon Round .999 Fine Silver

While the .50 cal. Browning machine gun was a devastating air-to-air and ground-to-air weapon in WWII, the high speeds of the Jet Age and the advent of missiles meant that the time window to inflict crippling damage to your opponent had shrunk considerably. Vietnam proved that missiles were too unreliable for fighters to go without gun armament, so the U.S. military developed the M61 Vulcan rotary cannon as the standard firepower for USAF aircraft. The same technology is used in anti-aircraft and anti-missile point defense systems such as the Phalanx and Vulcan.

The standard loadout for the M61/M130 rotary cannon and variants for many years was the M56A3 20mm autocannon round. This giant, solid silver bullion bar weighs an astounding 25 troy oz (12,000 grains) and is milled to the same dimensions as the actual shell. Obliterate the inflationary enemy with this .999 fine silver behemoth.

  • 20mm M56A3 Caliber
  • 25 ozt 12,000 grain Weight
  • 6.625" 180.975mm Height
  • 1.156" 29.5mm Diameter

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Date Modified: December 12th, 2013

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