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Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Product Spotlight

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is the official silver bullion coin of Canada. These 5 dollar, .9999 fine, 1 oz silver coins are designated as legal tender and fully backed by the Canadian government for their weight and silver purity. Refined and struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, these coins are one of the most popular government-issued bullion coins in the world today. The Silver Maple Leaf was introduced in 1988, following the success of the Gold Maple Leaf program, as a contemporary to the American Silver Eagle program.

Silver Maple Leafs Obverse

The obverse features the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as rendered by Canadian artist Susanna Blunt. The words “ELIZABETH II D G REGINA” are inscribed along the rim, an abbreviation for the Latin phrase “Dei Gratia Regina,” which translates to “By the Grace of God, Queen.” Since its implementation in 1988, the obverse of the Silver Maple Leaf has been periodically updated, along with other Canadian coins in circulation, to reflect the progressing age of the Queen. The reverse features a stunning depiction of a maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada.

Silver Maple Leaf and Industry-Leading Quality

The Royal Canadian Mint has been an industry leader in the refinement of precious metals since the turn of the 20th century. During WWI, the Royal Canadian Mint was commissioned to produce “Good Delivery” gold bars for the United Kingdom, which were used to satisfy war debts owed by the British government. The Royal Canadian Mint refinery was also the first to produce .9999 silver, which is used in every silver bullion coin struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, including the Silver Maple Leaf.

New 2014 Security Features

In an effort to preempt the rising tide of counterfeiters, the Royal Canadian Mint has developed two new anti-counterfeiting technologies that are currently featured on the 2014 Canadian Maple Leaf and other Canadian coins. The first is a new diffractive finish featuring a series of radial lines ( extending out from the center of the obverse and reverse) which give the Canadian Maple Leaf a distinct appearance that is nearly impossible to replicate. The 2014 Silver Maple Leaf also features an innovative new micro-engraved laser etching for enhanced security. Within the laser etching lies an inscription of the year of issue, only visible under 5X magnification, for on-the-spot self-identification.

Bulk Silver Maple Leafs

Silver Maple Leaf Pricing

Gainesville Coin proudly offers current year issue Maple Leafs, as well as select backdate issues based on inventory. Current year and backdate Silver Maples can be purchased online through our secure online ordering platform, or in person at our luxurious showroom.

Despite the advantages of owning the Silver Maple Leaf coin, they carry some of the lowest premiums in the world for a government-issued bullion coin. For your convenience, the Maple Leaf is offered on a tiered pricing schedule, and in a variety of quantities. This includes single coins, mint rolls (25 coins), and “Monster Boxes” (500 coins). If you want to buy in bulk, a Monster Box of Silver Maples offers the largest quantity, while Silver Maple mint rolls are always a popular middle ground. Prices and premiums for the Silver Maple Leaf are subject to change, as determined by the spot price of silver.

Canadian Silver Coins - Other Types

In addition to the Silver Maple Leaf, there are a number of other Canadian silver coins offered by the RCM.

Due to the popularity of the Silver Maple, the Royal Canadian Mint offers several varieties of legal tender bullion coins to the public. As with the Silver Maple Leaf, only .9999 fine silver is used in any of the collectible Canadian coin series offered by the RCM.

Canadian Wildlife Series Coins

Canadian Wildlife Series Coins

The Canadian Wildlife series were limited year and limited mintage collectible Canadian coins that were produced by the RCM between 2011 and 2013. In total, 6 unique coins were issued, each having a total mintage of just 1 million coins, yet the Canadian Wildlife series is still a highly sought-after and traded bullion coin. The series depicted many of the large game animals that Canada is so well known for, including the grizzly bear silver coin, the timber wolf silver coin, and many more.

Canadian Birds of Prey Coins

Canadian Birds of Prey Coins

Currently in production, the Canadian Birds of Prey is the latest collectible Canadian coin series to be introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The first, and up to this point the only, release of the Birds of Prey series is the Peregrine Falcon 1 oz silver coin, which has a limited mintage of 1 million coins. Still in the infancy of production, the .9999 fine Peregrine Falcon is the only coin to be released from the Canadian Birds of Prey series as of yet. However, new additions to the series are slated for release later this year, and again next year, as the RCM follows up the Wildlife series with another lineup of animal-themed bullion coins.

Canadian Raindrops Coins

The Canadian Raindrop Coin Series

The Mint has also expanded its artistic horizons with colorized coins. Introduced in 2008, the Canadian Raindrop series was a unique and innovative addition to the Royal Canadian Mint's repertoire. Each edition of the coin, which ran from 2008 through 2012 and featured 5 coins in total, depicts differing full-color versions of the fabled Canadian maple leaf being tugged down by a raindrop made from a Sworavski crystal. While the Canadian Raindrop coins are no longer in production, these beautiful Proof coins still oftentimes retain higher premiums over their spot value due to the mintages of 10,000 that they were all limited to.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: Investment Options

For our valued customers who are interested in investing in silver and diversifying their investment portfolios, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a versatile bullion product with an array of financial options. As physical assets, these Canadian silver coins can be held in your possession or placed safely in a secure storage facility, allowing for timely liquidation of your silver if needed. For investors interested in a long-term investment strategy, the Silver Maple Leaf is also an ISO-9001 certified bullion product and is IRA eligible silver, meaning it can be included in a self-directed precious metals IRA.

IRA Eligible Silver

At Gainesville Coins, we offer vault storage for the safekeeping of your precious metals. Unlike some vaults, we will never co-mingle your bullion with others' assets, as we use fully segregated storage for all of our customers' items. We are always eager to assist our clients with any questions they have regarding adding precious metals to their IRA.

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Gainesville Coins is a trusted coin dealer of many other government and private mints worldwide. We pride ourselves in offering the lowest possible premiums over spot on all of our silver bullion products. Our experienced sales and customer service professionals work on salary, not commission, to ensure that every customer is given proper attention regardless of the purchase size.

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