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Gold Investing
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Owning gold is one of the smartest long-term financial choices a person can make. You can think of it more as an insurance policy than an investment.
Gold Helps Preserve Your Wealth Over the Long Run
This gold investing guide will help you learn *why* and *how* investors purchase gold. After reading, you'll be well-equipped to make an informed decision about buying gold.
Investing in Gold May Seem Complicated at First
Gold is a safe-haven asset: it can secure your investment portfolio against recessions, inflation, and economic uncertainty. It has been a trusted store of value for thousands of years.
Why Should You Invest in Gold?
You Have Many Options When Buying Gold
There are several ways for an investor to get exposure to gold: physical gold (gold bullion), gold ETFs, gold futures, and gold mining stocks.
Physical Gold Includes Coins, Bars, and Rounds
Coins and bars are the most common forms of physical gold bullion. Today, they are typically made from 99.9% pure gold. Gold jewelry generally doesn't qualify as "bullion" due to its lower purity.
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tied to the price of gold are perhaps the easiest way to speculate on gold. ETFs are traded on stock exchanges and are settled in cash.
Gold ETFs Offer Convenience and Speed
Futures contracts are mainly used by banks, large institutions, and gold producers to hedge their positions on the gold market. Like ETFs, gold futures are usually settled in cash.
Gold Futures Contracts Are High Leverage
Shares of gold mining companies, or "gold stocks," are another option for investors. Gold stocks tend to offer greater risk and greater reward.
Gold Mining Stocks May Have Greater Upside
More to Consider About Investing in Gold
Because gold holds its value much better than currencies, it's considered a hedge against inflation. Gold also improves an investment portfolio's level of diversification.
What Are Your Best Options for Buying Physical Gold?
When it comes to physical gold (also known as "bullion"), the main options are gold coins, gold rounds, and gold bars. Each form has its own distinct advantages.
Gold Bars Are Usually Least Expensive
Thanks to their ease of mass production and mostly generic appearance, gold bars almost always have the lowest premiums over the spot price of all the forms of gold bullion.
Gold Rounds Have Great Artistic Appeal
Gold rounds are also called gold medals or gold medallions. They are very similar to coins but have no legal tender status. Rounds can have a wide array of different designs.
Gold Coins Are Highly Liquid
Of all the forms of gold bullion discussed here, gold coins have the advantage of being the most liquid. This means they are easiest to sell for their full value at any given time due to high demand.
To Buy Gold?
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