How to Choose a Focus for Your Coin Collection
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How to Choose a Focus for Your Coin Collection

Collecting Tips & Info

The world of coin collecting offers endless pieces of interest for collectors. Because there are so many kinds of coins available, collectors often choose a theme or focus for their collections. They can then become experts within that category of coins.

Although countless areas of specialization are available, most collectors tend to focus on one of these seven themes:

  • Period: These collectors focus on a particular historic era and amass coins minted during that time frame. Collectors of ancient coins often pursue period collections. The category can be broadened in historically interesting ways. For instance, someone who collects coins from the Byzantine Empire may expand the collection to include coins from neighboring countries that traded with the Byzantines.
  • Year: Even more specific than period collections, year collections all center on coins minted in the same year. Often collectors will choose their birth year, or another date of personal interest. A twist on the year collection is to collect a single kind of coin, in every year that it was minted. With this focus, a collector might add every Gold American Eagle, from 1986 to the present.
  • Country: Collectors may be fascinated with a particular country, perhaps as a result of travel, and collect all coins issued there. A popular approach, country collections often center on Australia, Austria, or China because of the stellar quality and variety of their coins. Alternatively, collectors may attempt to acquire coins from as many different countries as possible.
  • Subject: Some collectors may look for any coins that feature animals (like the Australian Koala), cars, or some other special interest. This kind of collection often requires more extensive research, to find coins that fit the collection theme. Some collectors also focus on all commemorative coins, which were not designed for use as currency. This is a very broad category of coins, and offers a collector countless options.
  • Error: Coins of this type contain some mistake or flaw caused by errors in the minting process. These include off metal, clipped, and displace coins, along with coins that have repunched mint marks, double dies, double strikes, or overdates. Generally error coins were minted before the 19th century, and modern error coins are rare because the minting process is fully automated.
  • Composition: Because coins are made from many different materials, it is possible to collect based on composition. Composition collectors may look for only gold bullion coins or bimetallic coins. Most composition collectors tend to concentrate on coins made from precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum, since these materials are also valuable from an investment perspective. They also may collect ingots, or bars, made of these materials.
  • Type: Type collectors look for coins with a specific design feature. They may collect only coins that are colorized or contain a hole in the center, for instance. Type collections usually span multiple time periods and countries. Like subject collections, type collections may require more research, because coins are not often systematically categorized by design features.

By choosing a specific focus for their collections, amateur collectors can concentrate on a more limited area of numismatics. This strategy makes the hobby more accessible and personally interesting.

This information is provided for general reference purposes and does not constitute professional advice. For detailed coin collecting or investing information, please consult with a professional expert.

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