Perth Mint Coins: 2009 & 2009 Perth Mint Coin Offerings
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The Latest Offerings from the Perth Mint

Collecting Tips & Info

The Perth Mint has gained world renown as the leader in producing exceptional commemorative coins. In 2009, the mint released new products that quickly became popular for their signature quality and beauty. The Perth Mint even sold out of the 2009 Henry VIII Silver Proof Piedfort coin. However, many of the mint’s offerings are still available to collectors.

Individual Coins

This year the Perth Mint offers a variety of individual coins. Many are part of successful multi-year series.

  • 2010 marks the Year of the Tiger—and the corresponding release of the Gemstone, Gilded, and Colored Year of the Tiger coins from the Perth Mint’s successful Lunar Series.
  • The magician Harry Houdini may seem an unlikely figure for an Australian coin, but he holds the record for the first sustained airplane flight there. The 2010 Centenary of Flight 1 ounce bimetallic proof coin marks Houdini’s little-known achievement.
  • For history buffs, this year’s Battle of Gettysburg, Battle of Balakava, and Battle of Hastings 1 ounce colored silver coins have been a great hit. Each coin represents a pivotal moment in world history.
  • Another Perth Mint coin draws inspiration from ancient history: Pheidippidis’ Marathon Run. A beautiful one-ounce silver coin commemorates the 490 BC race in high relief.
  • This year’s Australian Sea Life coin is the second in a five-coin series. The coin, which features a beautifully colored leafy sea dragon, is no longer available online through the Perth Mint due to extremely limited mintage.
  • The 2009 Australian Koala gold and silver coins continue a long-popular series. Collectors of all ages enjoy these coins for their numismatic elegance and depiction of one of Australia’s icons.
  • The latest in the Orbital series, the First Man on the Moon coin is the fourth of five in the set. The colored one-ounce silver coin commemorates the beginning of a new era in scientific discovery.

Perth Mint Coin Sets

In addition to their individual coins, the Perth Mint has also assembled several boxed sets, available to collectors in presentation packaging.

  • The Great River Journeys silver 1 ounce proof coin set highlights iconic rivers from around the world. Each coin features a colored tableau of a different river, including the Yangtze, the Volga, the Mississippi, the Rhine and the Nile.
  • With the 2009 Chinese Mythological Character Set, the Perth Mint pays homage to the ancient beauty of Chinese myth. These colored silver coins are finished with breathtaking detail.
  • Collectors can get every coin in the Year of the Tiger mintage this year. The boxed set features one Year of the Tiger silver 1 oz coin in each finish.
  • Commemorating the beautiful designs submitted by Andor Mészáros in 1966, the Australian Decimal Pattern Set embodies both artistry and rarity. Each coin features a different aspect of Australia’s varied flora and fauna.
  • Designed especially for young collectors, the 2009 Space $1 coin series includes nine coins. Each features a modern interpretation of classic space themes. The bold packaging and activities that accompany this set are sure to engage the interest of novice collectors.

The stunning colors and designs of the 2009 Celebrate Australia Set capture the varied terrain and scenes of this diverse country. The set of eight $1 coins comes with presentation cards. As the Perth Mint heads into another year of designing and producing commemorative coins, collectors can look forward to another wide array of beautifully executed and interesting coins.

This information is provided for general reference purposes and does not constitute professional advice. For detailed coin collecting or investing information, please consult with a professional expert.

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