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Coin Collecting for Kids

Collecting Tips & Info

Coin collecting is a great hobby for people of all ages. While the coins themselves have intrinsic value, the added interest and engagement that coin collecting affords is the true measure of the value of coin collecting. With the right inspiration, children can develop a rewarding life-long hobby in coin collecting.

Making Coin Collecting Hands-On

Kids love touching and interacting with their environment. This habit is not necessarily compatible with coin collecting, since careless handling can significantly diminish a coin’s value. Introducing kids to coins that are made for handling is a great way to allow them to explore coin collecting.

  • Start with circulating coins. Some kids like collecting coins from their birth year onward. Recently released coins like Lincoln cents, state quarters, and presidential $1 coins are all great choices for young collectors.
  • Choose coins that are not made of precious metals. The Young Collectors’ Space Coins series, for instance, are made of aluminum bronze. These coins are generally more affordable.
  • Select coins that connect to other hands-on activities. The Young Collectors’ set come with activities, but other coins also lend themselves to hands-on fun. For example, animal coins like Australian Koalas or Kangaroo Coins are a great excuse for a trip to the zoo.
  • The US Mint for Kids website is a fantastic resource for young collectors. The site has games, activities, and kid-friendly numismatic information, so it is an outstanding tool for sparking interest in coin collecting.

Popular Coins for Young Coin Collectors

The best method for capturing kids’ interest in coin collecting is to appeal to their other interests. Coins that address children’s other hobbies are most likely to command their attention, and can pave the way for a wider interest in numismatics.

  • The Perth Mint’s 50th Anniversary Barbie coins are especially appealing for girls who idolize the classic doll.
  • Kids who love animals enjoy coins that feature cuddly fauna. Among kids’ favorites are Chinese panda coins, Australian Kookaburra coins, and even silver or Gold Eagles.
  • Transportation often fascinates children, so coins that feature planes, trains, or automobiles are appealing. The Classic Automobile or War Plane series are perfect choices.
  • Famous figures often appear on coins. Those featuring sports icons like Nolan Ryan make outstanding choices for young collectors.
  • Aspiring astronomers will love the Stargazers set, which comes with coins, stamps, and beautiful display packaging.
  • Kids who travel or know frequent travelers often enjoy collecting foreign coins. These coins are especially attractive because they are associated with happy memories.
  • Because children often like the rare or unusual, many kid collectors gravitate toward error coins. Finding error coins feels like an ongoing scavenger hunt, and helps kids hone their knowledge of individual coins.

Collecting coins can be entertaining and educational for children. By focusing on coins that match kids’ interests and allow hands-on involvement, adults can help kids build a lifelong hobby.

This information is provided for general reference purposes and does not constitute professional advice. For detailed coin collecting or investing information, please consult with a professional expert.

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