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Spotlight: Gold Bars

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Find out the difference between poured and pressed bars, weights and sizes, and the type of bars available for sale.

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Gainesville Coins partners with major mints and refiners across the globe to bring you the best gold coins and bars available. From the latest Chinese Pandas and Perth Lunar coins, to stunning bars from PAMP Suisse, to historic pre-1933 U.S. and 19th century world coins, Gainesville Coins should be your first choice for buying gold!

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Gold - A Storage of Wealth Through The Ages

Mankind has used gold as a storage of wealth, and a method of easily transporting wealth since prehistoric times. Called “the money of kings,” it has also been called “condensed labor.”

Today, gold serves as a preservation of wealth, and an “insurance policy” against systemic economic risks. At Gainesville Coins, we have something to suit every gold buyer's tastes. For the investor looking for name recognition and maximum liquidity in their bullion, we carry the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Austrian Philharmonic coins. For those looking to minimize premiums, Gainesville Coins offers a wide array of PAMP and Credit Suisse bars, as well as bars from the Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint.

Investors looking for a little personality in their gold should be pleased with our selection of pre-1933 U.S. coins, both graded and ungraded. We also carry historic gold coins such as British Sovereigns, French “Roosters”, and Mexican Centenarios. Buyers looking for collectible bullion have several options at Gainesville Coins. We carry the Perth Mint Lunar coins, the Chinese Panda, and many other proof and collectible gold coins.

Gold Bars

Gold was first discovered as nuggets in stream beds. It wasn't long before ancient man figured out how to melt them together to make them easier to carry and store, giving birth to the gold bar. Bars are still the lowest-premium option for buying gold, even when they are the decorative Lady Fortuna bars from PAMP Suisse. Bars come in many sizes for the retail investor, from the tiny 1 gram to the hefty 1 kilogram. Many bars come with a serial number stamped right on the bar, and are sealed together with an assay card that carries a matching serial number.

Gold bars are made in two ways: poured, and pressed. Pouring was the original way to make bars. Molten gold is poured into molds, then allowed to cool. They are then stamped with the weight, purity, assay mark, and refiner. Pressed bars are made from solid gold bar stock, cut at the precise point to produce uniform bars of an exact weight. The bars are then fed into a giant press, much like a coining press, where the weight, purity, assay mark and refiner are struck by dies onto the bar. Pressed bars are much faster to produce than poured bars. This makes pressing the preferred method of making smaller bars (those under 1 kilo), though smaller poured bars can also be found. A gold round, or medallion, as it is sometimes called, is basically just a round bar, pressed with a design.

Gold Coins

It wasn't long after the first major kingdoms arose, that gold coins began to be produced. Used in trade with other cultures, they helped to spread the reputation and glory of ancient kings. Archeologists can use discoveries of buried coins to determine how far the influence of ancient empires extended.

While the days of circulating gold coinage are regretfully over, you can still hold gold coins as a preservation of wealth. Gainesville Coins not only carries the latest in modern bullion coins from mints across the world, it also keeps a supply of formerly circulating gold coins, stretching back to the 19th century. Add some quarter eagles, half eagles, Liberty head eagles, or Saint-Gaudens double eagles to your collection. The selection isn't limited to U.S. gold either. Select among French 10- or 20- franc coins, British sovereigns from a number of different reigns, and even Swiss francs or Dutch gulden from the 1800s.

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