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Buy Gold Coins and Gold Bullion Online

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Online shopping has become a prominent part of today's culture and almost everything can be purchased on the internet from trusted companies. Buying gold online is an attractive option for many consumers. However securely purchasing gold online should only be considered with well-established and trustworthy dealers. Gainesville Coins has both a Better Business Bureau A+ rating and is an authorized precious metals dealer for reputable world mints such as The Perth Mint, the US Mint, the New Zealand Mint as well as many other trusted private and government mints. We strive for a complete shopping experience through superior customer service, high quality products, security and convenience. We feature both a local sales room and a large online store, with millions of items sold. Customers can buy gold coins or gold bars at competitive gold bullion prices. To buy gold online from Gainesville Coins is simple, fast, and secure.

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The Coin Explorer Travels To The Old West. Steven's Gold Rush Showcases Several Different Minted And Poured Bars From A Variety Of Refiners.


Gold Bars

Find out the difference between poured and pressed bars, weights and sizes, and the type of bars available for sale.


Gold Bars Infographics

Learn all about gold bars with this handy infographic.

Why Purchase Gold

The acquisition of gold is a one way to diversify an investment portfolio. Gold is a world recognized tender, safe against inflation. Seen as a measure of wealth, it can survive any economic crash or natural disaster. Many IRAs allow for the inclusion of gold. Gold bullion comes in two standard forms: gold bars and gold coins. Each has its own unique value and specifications for collectors and investors. Some items are bought solely for their intrinsic precious metal content. Gold bars fit that criteria. Other items contain a vast history or special meaning that raises that price. Some gold coins may fall into that category. Both forms of gold bullion are valid acquistions; purchasing is based on preference and purposes. Gainesville Coins sells a wide variety of both types of bullion. Buying gold online is a popular way to invest in the precious metal. Gold can make great gifts, investment pieces or items for personal collections.

Buy Gold Coins

Buying gold coins is another option when considering gold bullion. Coins are produced by government mints, or are commissioned by a government to be minted at a private mint. Coins also must have a year of issuance listed on them and have a denominational value. When purchasing gold coins, an important consideration is that they generally have a higher premium over spot due to the historical or sentimental value placed on them. Their prices are determined by history, significance and year, along with other factors. They can have different purities and weights. Coins are often bought as collectibles because many mints offer annual series and even older dates can be bought online. Buy gold coins in order to build a collection or to add to an investment portfolio.

Buy Gold Bars

Gold Bars are purchased for their weight and purity. A bar has little sentimental or historical value placed on it. Rather the focus is mainly on the intrinsic precious metal value of the bar. They are typically minted and have varying sizes based on the manufacturer. One bar size frequently seen is the one ounce bar. Larger poured bars called ingots have a lower premium over spot price than smaller bars. Bars generally have a purity of 99.9% and 99.99% gold. Many countries use the standard called Good Delivery, as a guide for what makes an acceptable gold bar. Bars can be name brand, like Valcambi, or generic like Rothschild and Sons. Bars are a popular option for those who want to purchase gold as an investment.

Gold Bullion Release

Each year, numerous new gold bullion are released for purchase. 2013 saw both new manufacturing technology employed as well as record breaking sales for popular series from the top world mints.

Review of some popular bullion for 2013:

  • The US mint released a reverse proof gold buffalo centennial edition that sold a staggering 12,630 in the first 30 min of availability.
  • Canadian Maples introduced a micro-engraved security feature and saw a 87% rise in sales compared to 2012.
  • The 22k Krugerrand also performed well with a record 468% increase in sales.
  • 2013-W Gold Eagle Coins sold out by December 3, 2013 with 7,329 Uncirculated Gold Eagles sold, the second lowest mintage for the series.
  • In addition to releasing conventional bullion size, The Perth Mint introduced the Mini Koala containing 0.5 gram of gold for the first time.
  • 2013 Kangaroos, Philharmonics, Perth Mint Lunar series all had impressive increase in sales compare to previous years.

Gainesville Coins offers a wide variety of these modern gold bullion. In addition, many 2014 bullion are also newly released or available for pre-order.

Buying Gold Guide

Purchasing gold online can be done with physical gold or with stocks. When considering buying physical precious metals, weight and purity are the most essential factors. Higher purity are generally more desirable. Bars are valued mainly for weight and purity, however when shopping for coins, other factors are involved in pricing. The karat system is another way to define purity. Gold that is 24 karats contains at least 99.9% pure. Before you buy gold online, do your research on each bullion and gold spot prices. Learn more about each type of bullion from our learning center.

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