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Metal Detecting Guide

Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting Guides

Metal detecting and treasure hunting is enjoying a resurgence, thanks to various “reality” TV shows. Despite what you may have seen on TV, most metal detectorists do not jump up and down and yell at every little find, but are quiet, considerate people who enjoy a hobby that is focused on discovery...

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Bullion Blog

  • Safe Haven Demand Eases on Ukraine Talks: Morning Market Update Aug 18

    08/18/2014 By Steven Cochran

    Precious metals and bonds saw big inflows Friday afternoon, when the Ukrainian government said it had destroyed  multiple armored vehicles in a Russian Army convoy that had intruded into Eastern Ukraine. Gold rose to near $1,305, while palladium hit ...

  • Treasure Hunter Finds 350 Ancient Silver Coins in Romania

    08/06/2014 By Steven Cochran

    A metal detectorist in Romania has struck it rich, uncovering the largest hoard of Dacian silver coins every discovered in the country. Similar in size to a drachma, the 335 coins have a horseback rider on one side, and a image of a Dacian ruler on t...

  • Gold Gives Up Gains on Twitter Rumors: Morning Market Update August 8

    08/08/2014 By Steven Cochran

    Spot gold is down slightly from yesterday’s close near $1,312, after spiking to a 3½-month high overnight. Silver and the PGMs are essentially flat. Despite the fact that the U.S. has started airstrikes in northern Iraq against the terrorist army of ...

  • Iraq Melts Down As Tensions Ease Elsewhere: Morning Market Update Aug 11

    08/11/2014 By Steven Cochran

    Gold and platinum are both treading water this morning, as silver recovers to near-unchanged from overnight weakness. Palladium rebounded in Europe after overnight weakness. Stocks are attempting to hold on to Friday’s turnaround, as Israel and Hamas...

  • Newmont CEO: Mining Profits Lower Than People Think

    08/08/2014 By Steven Cochran

    Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald about a possible increase in in royalty rates by the Australian government, CEO of Newmont Mining Gary Goldberg says that the profit margins of mining companies are much lower than people (or governments) think. ...

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